kira khunert

Kira Kuhnert

My name is Kira Kuhnert and I’d like to introduce myself as Chairman of the Board and Founder of Timmy & Friends. As a German-born, Miami-bred 23-year old woman, I completed my primary and secondary schooling in Miami, FL, leaving Coral Reef Senior High School with an International Baccalaureate degree, and moved up to Virginia to complete my B.A. in political science at the University of Richmond. After four wonderful years of playing golf for the Richmond Spiders and studying up north, I have returned to Miami to attend law school at the University of Miami as a Spider, turned Hurricane.

As Tim’s younger sister, it was very important to me to keep his legacy alive, but I also had the privilege of knowing him in a respect that no one else did. Being in that position, I knew Tim’s legacy was more far reaching and universal than simply special needs children. The definition of “special needs” is much broader than physical or mental limitations, and that message creates the basis for our work.

Deciding to found Timmy & Friends together with some of Tim and my closest friends is a tribute to my big brother. With Tim as our inspiration, it will be a positive challenge to put the same heart and compassion into this foundation as Tim put into everyday life. Succeeding in that endeavor would not only mean continuing my brother’s legacy, but it would mean letting his message reach people across continents, shattering boundaries, and making a difference steered by the younger generation.