Our Story

When the founders of Timmy & Friends were kids, it was completely normal for one of their friends to be in a wheelchair. Tim was naturally a part of the founder’s lives and without knowing he managed to raise their awareness and concerns for those individuals who are most affected by the world’s barriers. Even though the founders of Timmy & Friends were still very young when their friend passed away, their friendship with Tim had left something behind: an unmistakable and unwavering desire to make this world more just, equal, understanding, and healthy.

Their decision to found an organization in Tim’s name immediately after high school is a border-transcending testament to love, commitment, and understanding for those that cannot overcome barriers so easily.

By promoting projects, therapies, young people’s awareness for charitable engagement, equal treatment, and understanding for those who aren’t guaranteed a fair chance at a happy life Timmy & Friends hopes to preserve Tim’s legacy of integration and acceptance.